Centre of Gravity

Metal. Progressive. Melodic. Heavy.

Bassist recruited, drummer under recruitment!
22 Feb 2015
Centre of Gravity has been joined by the rad bassist Kevin Cestrieres. You can check out Kevin with his old band (who are rad) on youtube. Here's hoping we find an equally rad drummer soon!

So if you enjoy hitting lots of stuff in time with other stuff, if you like syncopated rhythms, grooves, heaviness, strong melodies, all that stuff, get in touch like right now.

Thanks Anders for 10 years of awesomeness that has totally shaped how we approach music.
7 October 2014
Yep. It's been a while since we updated this thing! What's going on? Well, since we last updated things we recruited a new bassist, Sandra, and played a gig, started writing some new stuff. Sandra has since gotten deeper into her studies and has left the band, so we're now on the hunt for a rad bassist. This website is all written in raw html and that's a significant reason as to why we're so lackadaisical with the updates. So we're probably going to do something about that shortly. But we're alive, we're rocking out, got plenty of good material on the go, and hopefully a bassist and some live stuff soon!


CoG on Spotify!
16 Sep 2013
Finally you can enjoy CoG on Spotify! Check it out here -> Open Spotify
9 August 2013
Does anyone want to play bass in the Carlsberg of metal bands? Get in touch with us!
Today's gig cancelled
9 June 2013
Due to circumstances beyond our control today's gig as part of the UNT-kuppen has been cancelled. On the plus side, the gig on Friday night was rad, so thanks to everyone who made it out to Copperfield's. Great night, and thanks for staying round so late in the evening/morning.
3 June 2013
Gigs! They mostly come in June. Mostly. We are rocking Klubb Dislocated in tropical Stockholm on June the 7th, and turning the distortion off for UNT-kuppen out in Storvreta. Otherwise, we're working on new material, as always. Had a band excursion to go see Meshuggah - was it too perfect? Was it too precise? Possibly. As usual they are pushing all boundaries to their logical extremities.
Demo is done!
13 May 2013
All five tracks for the demo are now up on Soundcloud. Check it out (or click on the widget at the top of the page). It's so rad it may actually hurt your face. Can't wait to hit the studio for our first EP in the autumn.
Livekarusellen - best metal band
9 May 2013
Last Friday we saw the district final of Studiefrämjandets "Livekarusellen". We not only saw it, we also played there, coincidentally. With a fantastic mix from soundman Pelle, we got the night off to a good start. Our 12 minutes we were allowed to play disappeared quicker than arpeggios at a Yngwie concert. We'll see if any of the video we got (thanks Malin and Annika) is good enough to put up on .

We'd like to thank everyone who came and supported the band, Pernilla and Studiefrämjandet för a fantastic event, and of course the other bands. Uplandish music - yeah! For those of you who happen to read Swedish, UNT was there and gave us and the other bands a really good write up. Check out the article here

I guess with our 4th placing in the competition we can proudly say that we are Uppsala's best metal band. Hi FKÜ, Lock Vostok and Watain.
Dr Scientist + CoG = true?
30 April 2013
Centre of Gravity are now proud endorsers of Canadian effects genii Dr Scientist Sounds. You can already hear The Elements, the Radical Red Reverberator and the Cosmichorus in action live and on the demo. The good doctor's (hackneyed writer cliché number one...) website is under a redesign at the moment, but until then you can find out what's up the Dr Scientist forum at www.ilovefuzz.com.

rad guitar effects
CoG on the move
18 April 2013
Two tracks from the demo are done - you'll find them sitting pretty up the top of this page, and eventually on the media page. We've got three more tracks currently being mixed and mastered. And we are also proud to announce that Centre of Gravity has won our way into the district final for Livekarusellen. Which is obviously rad. We're really looking forward to delivering some metal, CoG style, on May the 3rd. More details about the gig will be posted.
Gig at Slussen 7 and other happenings
26 March 2013
We had a great gig with our friends in Random Sounds at Slussen 7 last Friday. Thanks to Urban for arranging things, to Random Sounds for inviting us to play and for The Fans and everyone who moshed during the gig. Muchos fun!

CoG live at Slussen 7
We've got a whole bunch of projects on the go - the demo which should be done in a week or two, the results from Livekarusellen, and a music video is in the pipeline. We're also updating the webpage, particularly the media page where we are amongst other things setting up a gallery for fan photos. It's going to be face shreddingly awesome.
Thanks to the best fans ever
the thanks list
Gigs done and gigs coming up
14 March 2013
Well, we just finished the final round in our pool in the competition Live Karusellen. It's been great to get some constructive feedback and we've got to play with some cool bands, so thanks Studiefrämjandet. Looking forward to our gig on the 22nd with Random Sounds. It's going to be rad. Videos from Live Karusellen will be posted soon, in glorious HD.
Västerås gig
2 March 2013
Thanks heaps to Nicklas and the Nemis crew for setting us up with arguably the best sound, lights, stage (and Thai food) that CoG has experienced. We had a fantastic time and hope to get back to Västerås soon! There are a couple of photos in the Twitter feed, and we'll see if we can put together a clip on Youtube.
The lost cymbal?
16 February 2013
What are you doing at 07:36 in the morning? Thinking about bubinga, thinking about bronze, thinking about golden sparkle finishes? If so we're going to make your day. Check out this photo of Anders drums.

the Golden Monstret
CoG catches up on 2010 and starts a Twitter account
15 February 2013
Testing testing... 1,2 If you can see anything below then Centre of Gravity has, just like pioneering metaleros such as Mitt Romney, gone and joined the Twitter-age.

We're going to tweet so much rad stuff. Arvid just has to work out where to put this feed on the webpage.

We will rock you?
14 February 2013

Yes, yes we will. At least, that's the way it's been going in Studiefrämjandet's Livekarusell. It's strange playing music in a "competitive" context, but it's been really cool. Last week we had a great gig in Tierp and we shared the stage with some awesome bands. We've had some really useful feedback from the juries, and some pretty kind words as well (thanks duders). We're pumped for the final gig in the heats at Grand in Uppsala on the 13th of March and we're working hard on completing a brand new tune for the occasion.

It's a good representation of where we're at musically - syncopated, melodies fighting for space with brutality, odd time signatures that you don't actually care about because you're too busy banging, glitchy octave down fuzz...

You should be there.

We'll be there.

Live clips from Grand, Jan 19
25 Jan 2013
Centre of Gravity had great fun playing at Livekarusellen's "katapult" - thanks to all of the organisers and the other bands who played! See you in Tierp on the 8th of February!
First gig of 2013
14 Jan 2013
To get things started in the new year Centre of Gravity will be playing a 20 minute set as part of Studiefrämjandet's "Livekarusellen". We'll hit the stage at 13:30, at Grand in Uppsala. Come check us out, as well as bunch of other good bands from around the region.
Drumcam footage of demo recording
19 Dec 2012
Anders warming up at Mapletone with the Golden Monstret
Drumcam footage of Sabaton gig
5 Dec 2012
Thanks a million to Studiefrämjandet, Ulf, Pernilla and the crew and to Sabaton for giving us the opportunity to roll "undistorted" for a sold out UKK. Thanks Matte for the company in the green room!
Gig tongight!
4 Dec 2012
Tonight, Centre of Gravity plays undistorted at Uppsala Konsert och Kongress with Sabaton. We begin playing at 18.30 in the restaurant - you don't need tickets to Sabaton to get in! (edit 5/12: boy were we wrong about that...) Check out the FB event for more info.
1 week until gig with Sabaton
27 Nov 2012
Only one week to go until Centre of Gravity plays at Uppsala's concert hall (Konsert och Kongress) for Sabaton.
Centre of Gravity on Youtube
6 Nov 2012
Centre of Gravity on Youtube
6 Nov 2012
Centre of Gravity does Kulturnatten
6 Aug 2012
Come see CoG as part of Kulturnatten, in sunny Uppsala. We'll be playing on Studiefrämjandet's stage on Dragarbrunnsgatan, some time between 18.30 and 23.00. We'll get back to you. But in the meantime, make sure you keep the 8th of September free!
June 19 at Harry B James
27 May 2012
Next gig - Harry B James on the 19th of June. Hopefully we'll be jamming a bit earier than the previous gig. Celebrate midsummer early with COG!
27 May 2012
We've been up in Leksand laying down the drum tracks for our coming digital release. Last weekend we headed up to Studio Mapletone - a studio which has one of Sweden's largest rooms. Which was of course necessary to house the bubinga creation known as The Golden Monstret. It took over 30 mics to get the kit on tape, and the results are "helt sjukt" - as we say in the recording industry. Sound samples will be posted ASAP. And videos. For the time being you'll just have to check out the pics. We were even able to test a couple of prototype microphones from Ehrlunds - check em out in front of Anders bass drum. Noiseless and brutally honest. Anders laid down drums to 7 songs and we'll be up there again in a couple of weeks to track the rest of the album. Stay tuned dudes...
Jim Marshall
7 April 2012
Rock on Jim Marshall
Harry B James gig
22 Mars 2012
Well, the Harry B gig was cool - thanks to everyone who stayed around till after midnight (!!) to watch us, and sorry for the misinfo about when the gig's start time, that was not so cool. But thanks for coming anyways! Mad props to Team Metal - Stina and Christoffer. Best.
10 Mars 2012
Next gig - Harry B James on the 22nd of March. For the Facebook-enabled you can check out the details of the gig here. You non-FB duders can just randomly turn up on the 22nd. We'll be debuting two new tunes as well. We'll be playing with Tone Machine.
Gig at Grand!
23 February 2012
Thanks Studiefrämjandet and Andreas for a cool gig at Grand. By all reports the sound dudes did a good job. Nice work to the other bands who played as well! Jonte did a particularly good job of handling a speaker cable that was not particularly interested in him actually being audible. Looking forward to Harry B James on the 22nd!
Gig at Copperfields!
5 February 2012
Gig at Copperfield's was great! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us and Distorted Belief and Ritextledge. At the next gig we promise a lead singer capable of singing and not just feberishly croaking.
New upcoming gigs!
23 Januari 2012
We've got four coming up - Saturday 4th of February at Copperfields, Stockholm. The 22nd of February at Grand in Uppsala as part of the Livekarusell. March 22 at Harry B James, Stockholm. March 28 as part of the Livekarusell again. We're not sure yet where that last gig will be...
New band member!
7 November 2011
CoG is proud to announce the existence of David Kitel. Not only are we proud of him existing, it is a necessary precondition for the band, as he is now handling the low frequencies for CoG. Welcome dude!